10,000 Guests in 5 Years - Destination Cellars Events

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10,000 Guests in 5 Years - Destination Cellars Events

Over the last 5 years Destination Cellars has amassed a staggering 10,000 guests to our special tasting events in Hobart & around the state. It has taken some time, but we have dug deep and found a selection of photos from over 200 events. Can you find a photo of yourself?

In August 2015 we hosted our very first event with BenRomach Distillery, with nonother than Richard Urquhart himself, and then followed it up with a Gordon & McPhail event the next night. Were you there?

Since those early days, we have helped launch and worked with just about every Tasmanian brand, as well as bringing you the biggest and best international brands and Brand Ambassadors alike. From India to Ireland, Scotland to Scandinavia, American to Australia and many places in between, guests have been treated to some of the most iconic brands as well as the smallest new brands entering the market.

We are humbled that so many of you have supported us and enjoyed the whiskies, spirits and entertaining characters we have brought to Tasmania

We believe we have created, with your help and support, one of the best live event experiences in Australia.

10,000 Guests Can't Be Wrong!

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