Heartwood Dregs #3

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Heartwood Dregs #3

Dregs Batch 3 from Heartwood

The latest release from Heartwood has landed from local whisky alchemist, Tim Duckett (aka Mr. H). The Dregs #3's radioactive pink fluorescent label adorns the bottle containing a deep amber fluid that weighs in at Heartwood's usual testicular heft of 61.8% ABV.

A standard definition for 'Dregs' is the remnants of a liquid left in a container, or the most worthless part or parts of something. On the contrary, the quality of the whisky and the scant quantities produced meant that nothing was to be wasted. For those that have purchased a bottle certainly know it has a market worth.

The label states that the Cask Type is 'TFMTM' - for those of you who like a good acronym, have a guess at what it stands for. 

With whiskies aged in casks as diverse as: Tokay, Muscat, Sherry, Port, and Bourbon (as well as both peated and unpeated spirit), what does it taste like? Tim explains, "It tastes good. Really good. It's like a Penguin Paperback series in one volume." I'd have to agree. In music terms, it's like the Grease Megamix of whiskies. There is such a kaleidoscope of flavours that it is hard to fathom, but I know that I like it. 

Well done, Mr. H, and thank you for not wasting those dregs. With less than a hundred bottles produced, you will have to search hard to find a bar that stocks it though*. 

And keep an eye out for the latest Heartwood release - their first Rye whisky originating from Belgrove rye spirit matured in an Australian Muscat cask.

To your health, 

Todd 27.2.'19

* On April 11th Destination Cellars will be combining with Heartwood/TIB (Mr H)  and Whisky Adventures (Craig) for a fundraiser for Muscular Dystrophy. There will be 80 places at $100/head, and we want to raise as much money as possible. We will have a silent auction, a raffle, lucky door prizes and an awesome whisky tasting with an alternate white spirit tasting for those that do not like whisky. A number of big players in the industry are donating great products for the event along with around 50 smaller local businesses. Plus we will do our very best to entertain you. All will go home with a prize but some will go home with something special...

Mr H is being particularly generous and is putting up a bottle of the Heartwood  DREGs Volume 3 for silent auction PLUS he will be producing a 1 of 1, a one off bottle of Heartwood that will be their first "Blended Whisky" of Tasmanian origin. Mr H will not even have one. The bottle will be labelled, signed by Mr H and presented in a Huon Pine box. This bottle will go for auction nationally..... invites will go out sometime next week.