New Tasmanian Whisky Releases Event 30.10.2020

New Tasmanian Whisky Releases Event 30.10.2020


Here are the great new drams on offer:

Heartwood - The Beagle 8 Tasmanian Vatted Malt Whisky. A brand new release from Mr. H, dedicated to all Victorians. The Beagle 8 is composed of 20 different casks with  ages varying from the bulk being 7 and 9 years of age but also contains small quantities of whiskies 2, 3, 4 and 5 years of age. The smaller quantities are used to enhance the flavour profile and the peat influence. Bottled at 57.4%ABV. Only 168 bottles produced.

Adams Sherry Cask Single Malt Whisky - 45%abv. Hot from their recent win for Australian & Southern Hemisphere's Whisky of The Year in the 2021 Whisky Bible - this is a brand new release from local lads from Perth - "A lightly peated Ex Sherry cask from our unique Slosh Cask program, a marriage of three casks, all 225 litre casks, filled with 122 litres` of medium peated new make spirit. Due to the half fill and the sloshing process the spirit is exposed to twice the barrel char, this will pull a lot more of the peat out of the spirit than traditional full cask maturing. But we like it…
This is one of our favourite whiskies to date. At 45% it is a powerful and commanding spirit; dried fruits and white pepper climb straight out of your glass. The peat is subtle and a little laid back, but you know it’s there. After a minute of rest and a gentle swirl the sweet toffee and Christmas cake notes are now present. The first sip is a little misleading as that laid-back peat is not obvious immediately; but then around the mid pallet the soft smoke starts to roll in. Not as dry as some Sherries can be, a medium to long finish with a wonderful mouth fill and some enticing earthy oak richness right on the end." Adam Pinkard

Spring Bay Sherry/Chardonnay Cask Single Malt Whisky. A very unique whisky coming from Tassie's East Coast legends. This Chardonnay-Apera, aka Chardi/Apera (featuring casks from Springvale Chardonnay and McWilliams Apera) marriage works a treat. From the Chardonnay cask -beautifully delicate buttery sweet opening builds across the palate of butterscotch and fruit, culminating in a warm and comforting glow of spicy tannin hints and stone fruit. The Sherry cask brings lifted floral notes, caramel and dried fruit sweetness with some white pepper and a delicious long finish - we can't wait to show you this one. Bottled at 46%abv. 

Lark Distillery Christmas Cask #2 - 2020 Limited Release Single Malt Whisky. Each year, a local patisserie selects Tasmanian red wine casks to fill with fruit jus, used for making their Christmas fruit mince pies. These fresh, festive casks are then emptied and transported to Lark Distilling Co. where they are filled with spirit. This year, the single malt chosen was from Old Hobart Distillery, selected especially for its bright and refined floral notes. The casks matched perfectly with the spirit, giving the whisky some deliciously decadent seasonal spice characteristics. The result is Christmas in a glass: liquid plum pudding with lashings of yuletide cheer. Bottled at 45%abv.

Launceston Distillery Peated Single Malt Whisky. This smooth, smoky whisky was distilled using a mix of Tasmanian malt barley and richly peated Scottish malt. Using Scottish peated barley, which was brewed, fermented and distilled at Hangar 17, the distilled new make spirit was matured in small American Oak bourbon casks for 2 ½ years. During the vatting process, some whisky which was matured in French Oak tawny casks was included.  Bottled at 46%abv