Paul John New Product Launch with Michael D'souza Online Tasting Event July 15th

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Paul John New Product Launch with Michael D'souza Online Tasting Event July 15th

An Evening with Michael D'souza, Master Distiller at Paul John Distillery Online Whisky Event

Online Event: Destination Cellars is honoured to be chosen to be the exclusive Australian promoter of four new single malt whiskies from our good friends at Paul John Distillery. To celebrate will be drinking the highly awarded Mithuna limited release alongside the highly anticipated Select Cask editions of Oloroso Cask and PX Cask as well as the much heralded entry-level Nirvana. Join Master Distiller and Blender Michael D'souza from the multi award winning Paul John Distillery on Thursday evening July 15th at 7.30pm for a virtual tour of the distillery and a guided tasting of the exceptional whiskies.


We first worked with Paul John Distillery not long after opening our store in late 2015. Soon after Michael D'souza visited Tasmania and hosted tasting events across the state in May of 2016, and helped spread the word of Paul John whisky. We are really excited to not only work with Michael again (albeit online) but to show you the fabulous new products now available to whisky-loving Australians out there. It has been great to see the brand grow from strength to strength. 

The tale of the Great Indian Single Malt isn’t just a story to narrate but a commemoration. Winning the hearts of various whisky aficionados hasn’t been easy. Lit with laurels from the most prestigious institutions of Whisky; Paul John Indian Single Malt has been awarded the Liquid Gold Award by Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible, has been crowned with the Best Indian Single Malt Award along with the Best Asian Whisky Award. The Double Gold Award from San Francisco World Spirits Competition are just few to name.

 The Paul John Online tasting line up:

1. Nirvana - A captivating expression from the Goan shores of India, the Nirvana arouses the senses with a soft notes of bourbon, fruitcake and an enticing caramel pudding. The honeycomb sweetness gently touches the palate with a mild salt-tinged barley while the succulent vanilla heralds the honeyed finish of this rich copper whisky, assuring sublime experiences beyond the worldly realm.

2. Oloroso - the Oloroso Select Cask is a sensational explosion of incredible flavours. With dark mahogany hues, this exquisite expression presents an aromatic tapestry of sherry influenced fragrances of peach and apricot with a light note of molasses and blood orange. Sublimely finished in Oloroso casks, its soft flavours are filed with a nutty chocolate and Melton Hunt cake. The long finish is intense and sweet with delicious heavy spices imbibed from the Oloroso casks and melded with a dash of coffee mocha and sumptuous dark chocolate.

3. Pedro Ximénez - this exotic Indian single malt, in rich shades of dark copper, has complex aromas of fig and apricot with a rare hint of banana. On the palate are tremendous flavours of sweet barley with creamy butterscotch, dry fruits and Christmas cake. The finish is long and exquisite, with delectable chocolate fudge, delicate orange peel and hints of exotic wine drenched nuts. Much of the intrinsic characteristics of the Paul John PX owes allegiance to the famed intensely sweet and dark Spanish dessert sherry, having been finished in handpicked Pedro Ximénez casks.

4. Mithuna - the star of the show, in describing Mithuna for his 2021 Whisky Bible, Murray says, “If Mithuna means “Ultimate,” then it is the perfect name. Or maybe Mithuna means “Perfect,” then it is pretty close. It is that very rarest of things. And, if nothing else, announces Paul John Distillery on the world stage of truly great distilleries. This is a whisky to devour…while it devours you.”

Unpeated. Non chill-filtered. Bottled at 58% ABV. Matured in American virgin oak casks and finished in ex-Bourbon casks. Hues of old oak and sophisticated aromas of liquorice with gentle beeswax lead to a luxuriant delivery of ulmo honey on crisp toast, and tender notes of vanilla. Chewy flavours of coffee mocha, orange peel and delicate spice float on active tannins while gentle oils enjoy gists of dark cocoa tones. The finish is gratifyingly long and complex with multi-toned sugars and delicate honeys.