Plan B Distillery

Plan B Distillery Pepper-Spice Tasmanian Gin 57% 700ml

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Plan B's Navy Strength Spice Gin

Looking for your Plan B? This is the place to start.

This complex Navy Strength gin (57% ABV) will warm your cockles thanks to the spicy notes of pepperberry, fresh chilli and spicy-sweet ginger.

Find inspiration and depth from the 12 botanicals, which include cardamom, star anise and lemongrass.

Everyone has different tastes and preferences, and these change – just like Tasmanian weather. Plan B gins are unique; it’s worth trying them all. They are adaptable, with carefully balanced flavours, so that no matter how you enjoy your drink, you will delight in that full-mouth feel.

700mL | 57% Alc/Vol | Product of Tasmania