Summerleas Distillery

Summerleas Distillery Tasmanian Dry Gin 43% ABV 700ml

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Summerleas Distillery Tasmanian Dry Gin

Summerleas Distillery is a proudly Tasmanian distillery based in a valley between the foothills of kunanyi/Mt Wellington and Storm Bay in Southern Tasmania. Summerleas Gin is proudly and meticulously handcrafted by a 7th-generation Tasmanian family.

They use the finest Tasmanian and International ingredients to produce a vibrant range of handcrafted, small-batch spirits – a traditional selection for discerning palates. They produce a traditional pot distilled London Dry Gin using a one-shot distillation method to handcraft their small batch of award-winning London Dry gins.

Tasting notes 
Summerleas Dry Gin has pronounced Juniper on the nose invoking memories of walking through the Tasmanian bush just after a rainfall. A burst of citrus at the front of mouth that leaves a hint of lemony citrus over the middle palate.

An earthy lingering base note with depth and texture and a slightly floral back note. A hint of spice from cardamom provides a long warming finish that lingers.

This non chill filtered gin is full of juniper oils and as such will cloud when chilled – it is a natural result of big, bold flavours!

Summerleas Dry Gin is a tribute to Lt. William “Wingy” Gunn who arrived in Tasmania aboard The Skelton in 1822.

William became a Police Magistrate during a tumultuous time in Tasmanian history when gangs of bushrangers roamed at will. In 1825, sixteen soldiers and numerous settlers were captured and locked in gaol by a recently escaped bushranger named Brady.

Alerted to their dire situation, William picked up his double-barrelled gun and rushed to their aid. The soldiers and settlers were soon released but Gunn was shot multiple times in the chest and arm, falling to the ground.

He recovered from his wounds but his shattered arm had to be amputated and he thereafter became known as “Wingy” Gunn.

700mL | 43% Alc/Vol | Product of Tasmania