The Retiring

The Retiring Tasmanian Dry Gin 43% 500ML

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A sensuous blend of local and imported botanicals distilled with passion in the Tasmanian mountains

Todd and Bert started working on some new Retiring products earlier in the year for Destination Cellars five year anniversary. They wanted to create some drinks that embodied the spirit of Wilmot Hills - both the people and the place. This year's challenges have meant that the products have been delayed, but they are ready now and we are really excited to show them to you as part of Destination Cellars five year celebration.

On October 12th 2020 the founders of Wilmot Hills Distillery John and Ruth Cole left this earth with dignity in view of mountains that they loved.

During his life John sought little recognition for his achievements although I consider him to be a pioneer in Tasmania with respect to geographical identity orchard and garden to bottle craft distillation.

To honour this legacy and place I have produced special bottlings of four unique spirits each with connections to Wilmot and expressing my particular interests that were encouraged by John and Ruth.

Bert Shugg
“The Retiring” Spirits

Distilled at the stunning Wilmot Hills Distillery, The Retiring Gin is made with 100% raw ingredients using a secret combination of a dozen different botanicals both local and imported. The flavour is fresh and spicy, textured and earthy, balanced and rich.

Bottled at 43%, it is unfiltered allowing it to retain maximum flavour and texture. Great neat, in a martini, or in any number of combinations.

500ml | 43% ABV | Wilmot, Tasmania