The Retiring

The Retiring Tasmanian Dry Gin 43% abv 500ml

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A sensuous blend of local and imported botanicals distilled with passion in the Tasmanian mountains

"If you have previously tried my gin, this batch is slightly different. I grew coriander seeds in my garden which when distilled added a much more intense flavour from the chemical elements: (a) linalool (floral), (b) pinene (woody, camphor). The palate is "strengthened" with black pepper acquired in Kathmandu, Nepal." Bert Shugg

Produced at the stunning Wilmot Hills Distillery, The Retiring Gin is made with 100% raw ingredients using a secret combination of a dozen different botanicals both local and imported. This limited batch is slightly different to previous batches as it was made with coriander seed grown by Bert himself. This coriander seed has a more intense flavour strengthening the palate.

Bottled at 43%, it is unfiltered allowing it to retain maximum flavour and texture. Great neat, in a martini, or in any number of combinations.

500ml | 43% ABV | Wilmot, Tasmania