Redlands Distillery Cask Strength 64% Single Malt Whisky 500ml

Redlands Distillery Cask Strength 64% Single Malt Whisky 500ml


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Redlands Distillery Cask Strength Bourbon Cask Single Malt Whisky 

Awarded 96/100 in the Jim Murray's Whisky Bible 2019, This Redlands Cask Strength single malt whisky was decanted from a single 20 litre cask. Rich in vanilla sweetness and caramel oak, this whisky is sure to impress. These single cask, cask strength releases commemorate William Henry Ellis who was the founder of Dysart House where the distillery is currently located in Kempton, Tasmania. Mr Ellis was a convict who was transported from England to Tasmania in 1827, who embezzled an incredibly substantial amount of money and was granted a special release only 5 years after his arrival. By 1838 he was licensed to sell spirits in the Tasmanian Midlands.

So as an ode to the past, Redlands have produced this big 64%abv single malt straight from the cask in memory of William Henry Ellis, showcasing the purest Tasmanian barley and water. Handcrafted at the distillery and matured in specially-selected ex-bourbon oak casks, this is one incredible dram.

*One bottle only

Signed by and distilled by our good mate and local legend Dean Jackson.

This is one old releases under the 'Redlands Distillery' label, who are now only producing whisky under the ‘Old Kempton Distillery’ label.

500ml | 64% ABV Tasmania, Australia