Destination Cellars Five Year Anniversary Whisky Set

Our 5th birthday is here and to celebrate Destination Cellars five year anniversary, we are proud to offer a one of a kind collection of 6 exclusive Tasmanian whiskies we are calling the “Fifth Anniversary Set”. This collaborative release contains whiskies from the following Tasmanian Distilleries:

  • Sullivans Cove
  • Overeem
  • Lark
  • Hobart Whisky
  • Tasmanian Independent Bottlers x 2 Whiskies

The reasoning behind the 5th Anniversary Release was to mark a milestone of sorts and to look back over the people and distilleries that I have worked with not only over the last 5 years, but since I moved back to Tasmania and started in the industry about 11 years ago. It is a celebration with the wonderful people who work in the industry, also providing the chance to make some exceptionally special products to share with our customers who have supported us along the way.

Thank you to the whisky producers for letting me into your distilleries and bond stores, and for the chance to work alongside you in your wonderful craft.

Destination Cellars is dedicated to promoting and working with the whisky industry and this is an opportunity for us to celebrate with some of the local legends and whisky fans alike.


Destination Cellars - Todd Morrison

 I returned home to Tasmania in 2009 after living abroad for more than a decade and started working in the family bottle shop. I found that the local spirits industry, whisky in particular, was starting to gain momentum and I needed to understand it better.

After getting a feel for the local retail industry, I was determined to open an independent liquor shop specialising in whisky, as I had fallen in love with the industry and there was nobody doing it at the time. My goal was to create a place where people could talk about and purchase great products, and find out about the story behind the people who made them. 

Five years down the track, this is our offer to you. 

Cheers, Todd.

Lark Distillery - Chris Thomson

My love of whisky all started with Lark. Chris Thomson was the first person to show me around a distillery and bond store which led to my 'light bulb moment' with whisky. I have great friends at Lark and we were chuffed to work together on this project. Chris was given a blank canvas for this collaboration and he has created a whisky for us that has all of Lark's classic traits with an amazing flavour profile.



Overeem Distillery - Mark & Jane Sawford

We were Overeem's first ever retail client when they started out, and now somewhat serendipitously, the distillery is back in the family. Timing, as they say, is everything. Jane and I share a similar timeline within the industry with both of us returning to Tassie to work within our respective family business'. It was a treat to work with Mark and Jane in the new distillery. We have chosen a single cask expression that is 'Classic Overeem' and the whisky just sings at natural cask strength.


Sullivans Cove Distillery - Heather Tillott 

Many moons ago we were one of the first retail stockists of Sullivans Cove. A lot has changed since then and it was a pleasure to reconnect with the "Sullies Crew" that includes a lot of friends and colleagues. Heather & I both come from a background based on the love of wine, and similarly, whisky came along and took over our professional lives. It was a pleasure to work with Heather and her team to create this whisky. We have worked alongside the whole Sullivans Cove crew to produce a very special blended single malt that we can't wait to show you. 


Heartwood & TIB - Tim Duckett (Mr H)

Tim is a very charismatic individual that I met around 8 years ago. I'm a big fan of his bigger, robust styles and his willingness to experiment. I have been greatly influenced by his ethos of producing the best possible whisky he can - and he now boasts a huge range of independent bottling styles. We have been working together for the last five years, and now I pester him on every other day (dangerously, his bond store is near my house). We have a very rare offering of two whiskies from a single cask. This whisky just hummed at natural cask strength and was just as good at around 50% abv.

Hobart Distillery - John Jarvis & Ben James

Hobart Whisky is one of the younger local distilleries who are also celebrating 5 years in the industry. We have done a fair bit of work with John and Ben since we hosted their launch a couple of years ago. While working on a different project, we came up with a cracking blend that we had to include in the "5 years with 5 distilleries" line up. From Hobart Whisky we have a robust natural cask strength blended single malt to offer you. 

We had one stipulation upon entering these collaborations - we wanted to be involved in every process of the creation of these whiskies. The whiskies themselves reflect the style and characteristics of each distillery and we believe that we have created some epic drams that I can't wait to share with you.