7K Carolina Reaper Limited Release Gin

7K Carolina Reaper Limited Release Gin


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7K Carolina Reaper Limited Release Gin 725ml

Our good buddy Tyler at 7K has whipped up a gin that will get you through those cool evenings and leave the taste buds tingling long after you've imbibed. 

We love the juniper/chilli flavour profile in this fiery yet balanced gin. The post blended Carolina Reaper chilli adds a nice little 20 second burn time to this Juniper heavy gin. The main ingredients are Australian Orange Peel, Serbian Juniper Berries, & Australian Carolina Reaper Chilli bottled at 53%abv so it is big and viscous too. 
Serve neat. Enjoy. "Feel the burn", then play with mixers. 

725ml | 53% Alc/Vol | Product of Tasmania