Bruichladdich Global Brand Ambassador Event

Bruichladdich Global Brand Ambassador Event

Destination Cellars

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An evening with Chloe Wood from Bruichladdich Distillery

Destination Cellars invite you to a special Brand Ambassador whisky event on Wednesday evening November 20th at 7pm in the beautiful surrounds of Hadleys Orient Hotel.

Join Chloe Wood, Bruichladdich's Global Brand Ambassador, for an exclusive Whisky Masterclass in Tasmania. Chloe will tell us tales of life and lore on Islay and take us through a line up including the newest release of Octomore 10's, Port Charlotte MRC & 10 Year Old, as well as the Bruichladdich Organic. 

Bruichladdich distillery is located on the southwestern tip of the remote Hebridean island of Islay where they distill four unique spirits. Home to Bruichladdich, Port Charlotte and Octomore Single Malt whiskies (and The Botanist Gin).

They passionately believe in terroir – in authenticity, place and provenance, in ultimate traceability. They seek to produce the most natural, thought-provoking, intellectually stimulating & enjoyable spirits possible. Obsessive? Probably – but if all you want is generic spirit, the world is awash with the stuff.

They are proudly known as the Progressive, Hebridean Distillers.

Here is the fabulous line up:

1.       Bruichladdich Organic Barley 50%abv

This whisky is made exclusively with organic barley grown on Mid Coul Farms in Inverness, Bruichladdich The Organic is a fruity, sweet Islay whisky with an elegant island character.

2.       Port Charlotte MRC:01 2010 59.2%abv

"MRC" was distilled from Scottish barley and matured in first-fill ex-American whisky casks and second-fill French wine casks before a final year of marrying in French oak.

3.       Port Charlotte 10 Year Old, 50%abv

This 10 year old expression from Port Charlotte is a rich and smoky whisky, heavily peated with a maritime tang.

4.       Octomore 10.1 59.2%abv

The 10.1 was distilled from a single harvest of 100% Scottish Barley, peated to a phenol level of 107ppm and matured exclusively in ex-bourbon casks for five years

5.       Octomore 10.3 61.3%abv

A whisky made using barley grown in a single field, in a single year, at Octomore farm, less than a mile from Bruichladdich, and matured entirely on Islay, and even bottled on the island, Octomore 10.3 offers a profile firmly rooted in terroir, supporting the weight of its 114ppm phenol count. Aged in ex-bourbon casks for six years,

6.       Octomore 10.4 63.5%abv

Distilled from Scottish barley in 2016, this three year old Octomore 10.4 is the youngest ever released, yet the most impressive. Standing alone in any heavyweight line-up, the depth, balance and composure of this Virgin Oak release is astounding.

Tickets are $75 each and must be booked in advance as seats are limited.

Attendees will have access to exclusive pricing on all Bruichladdich whisky on the night. Your ticket includes all drams, finger food and good times.

7pm Wednesday November 20th at Hadleys Orient Hotel, 34 Murray St, Hobart

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