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Captain Bligh's Boilermaker Event May 27th

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A Whisky & Beer Pairing "Boilermaker" Event - An exploration of Independent Beer & Whisky

Destination Cellars is excited to team up with our great friends at Captain Bligh's for a Boilermaker event. If you love beer and whisky, then lock in Friday evening May 27th at 7pm. The Fabulous Brooks Boys will be your hosts in the wonderfully atmospheric surrounds of Captain Bligh's Brewery and Distillery.

Adam and Steve Brooks have curated this Boilermaker night, matching their award winning Captain Bligh's ales with legendary independent whisky brand Murray McDavid, whose whiskies were chosen for their cask and spirit diversity. This promises to be an evening of delicious independent brews and drams.

Captain Bligh's is a very local “Brewstillery”, making beers, and their own wash to make their spirits
from scratch. It’s a father and son team; Adam & Steve. Steve makes the beers, and Adam the
spirits. They have been operating for 9 years as a brewery, were the first contemporary brewery in
Hobart, and they specialise in Colonial Ales. After being awarded best beer in Tasmania for a cask
matured beauty, they have had a focus on expanding the range of matured ales. Steve worked in
craft beer in the early 90’s, before spending 30 years in psychiatry. Adam found his happy place in
distilling after a varied work history from public speaking to working in engineering.

Murray McDavid was founded in 1994 by former wine merchant and legend of the whisky industry, Mark Reynier, who was subsequently joined by yet another whisky legend, Jim McEwan: you might recognise these names as part of the team that resuscitated the Bruichladdich distillery in 2000 and subsequently made it the powerhouse that it is today. Mark's former life as a wine merchant gave him access to some incredible and unique casks and Murray McDavid quickly established a reputation for innovative and extraordinary cask maturations. Though Mark and Jim both have since moved on to other ventures, their ethos lives on through the brand's slogan, celebrating "The Art of Maturation". 

Here is the tasty line up:

Murray McDavid 'Half & Half' 11 Year Old 2009 Blended Scotch Whisky 46% ABV - This whisky pays homage to a classic combination, a tradition born in the bars of Glasgow, the half ‘n’ half is a half pint of beer with a Scotch whisky. The Half ‘n’ Half is a special blend of 50% single malt from four Speyside distilleries and 50% sweet Lowland single grain whisky. This coming together creates a perfect dram that goes down well with a tasty beer. For its final year of maturation, we have finished the Half ‘n’ Half in hogsheads previously used to mature a hoppy beer from the MOOR Beer Co. in Bristol. This light and gentle blended whisky has developed into a very quaffable dram, one which we invite you to enjoy with your favourite beer.

Captain Bligh's Wee Heavy 10.4% ABV - This beer recipe won best in Tasmania back in 2017. Adam had been pestering Steve to enter it, being truly in love with Steve’s creation. The beauty of cask maturation is the results are always a little different. It’s always a big, rich, malty and slightly oaky beer. A gentle oak spice and honey come through on the finish. Although it’s a tempting ale to session on, it’s also 10.4%!

Murray McDavid "Peatside" 2014 6 Year Old Blended Malt Scotch Whisky 50% ABV - A 6 year old blended malt from two mystery distilleries (one heavily peated and one creamy and sweet), distilled in 2014 and bottled at 50% ABV with natural colour and non chill-filtered. Initially matured in bourbon hogsheads, before being finished in five 1st fill Pedro Ximénez and Bourbon casks.

Captain Bligh's Kreyser Imperial Stout 10% ABV - this is not the monster stout the ABV suggests. It’s a little too easy drinking, with a wonderful tartness that strikes the balance between the darker malt notes and oak.

Murray McDavid Girvan 2010 10 Year Old Single Grain Scotch Whisky 46% ABV -The grain used in this fine Scotch is mainly wheat, distilled through a multiple-column vacuum still, to create a rich, creamy spirit. This rarely bottled single grain is a hidden gem that was selected to mature for its final year in casks that previously held Koval Distillery’s Four Grain American whiskey, made from oat, rye, wheat and malted barley. This is a unique and truly rare dram that challenges the status quo – enjoy!

Captain Bligh's Keel Haul - keg matured. This rich beer has tones of malt and honey and the flavours have settled and integrated well for the almost 1 year it spent in the cool room. 

Murray McDavid Righ Seumus II 12 Year Old 2008 Blended Scotch Whisky 46 % ABV - To make this opulent blended Scotch whisky, the fourth batch of Rìgh Seumas II (pronounced ray shay-muss),  to rebel against mediocre blends. They have brought together a dram worthy of kings. This luxurious dram, bursting with a variety of different spirits, consists of 70% malt and 30% grain whisky – a highly complex and unique recipe. This powerful blend, inspired by Jim McEwan, is the spirit of Bruichladdich, along with older malts from Auchentoshan, Tobermory, Arran, and Old Rhosdhu. These were matured in Bordeaux red wine barriques, blended with grain whisky, before resting in Sherry hogsheads. The arts of maturation and blending at their very best.

Captain Bligh's Barrel Aged Keel Haul - it’s fascinating to see the difference that cask maturation
makes, which is why we wanted this in the line-up. The maturation has concentrated some of the
characters and changed others. Going from 8.1% ABV to 11.8% ABV from the cask alone. It’s slightly
darker, and incredibly interesting tropical notes have developed, which aren’t present in the non
cask aged version. The extra viscosity makes it even more enjoyable. Just as easy drinking as the
non-barrel aged version despite the extra strength. 

Tickets are $75 per person and must be booked in advance as seats are limited. 

Guests will have access to a limited amount of bottles of whisky and beer on the night, plus great stories, finger food and good times will be provided. 

Saturday May 27th at 7pm at Captain Bligh's Brewstillery, 64 Warwick St, Hobart TAS 7000

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