Captain Bligh

Captain Bligh's First Release Cool Climate Aged Rum 47.1% 500ml

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Small Batch Tasmanian Aged Rum

This is the first fully matured release from Captain Bligh’s Brewstillery. Starting as a brewery more than 8 years ago, they moved forward with plans for the distillery about 4 years ago. Showing remarkable patience for a new distillery, this rum was not rushed, but matured fully and carefully in a combination of different cask types. The release consists of only 222 bottles, and each bottle is numbered. They have submitted the spirit to the Australian Distilled Spirits Awards and are eagerly awaiting the feedback of the judges, which will come in closer to the end of the year.

This rum is very unique and they have pioneered a style they call “cool climate” rum, as almost all rum is produced and matured in a tropical climate, and has significant quantities of sugar and or molasses added in before bottling. Captain Bligh’s have treated this spirit with the respect of single malt whisky, and have not added any additional sugars, allowing the spirit and the casks used to fully display their character. Bottled at 47.1% alcohol, they wanted to maintain the flavours without the loss of character that the typical dilution down to 40% results in. From start to finish, this spirit was produced, matured and bottled right here in Tasmania.

500ml | 47.1% ABV | Hobart, Tasmania