Gordon and MacPhail Pulteney Distillery

Gordon and MacPhail Pulteney Distillery

Gordon & Macphail

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The MacPhail's Collection Old Pulteney 2005 

G&M Tastings Notes: "Aroma Sweet honey aromas mingle with ripe peach, banana, and apple notes. A toasted oak edge develops and combines with a subtle herbal element. Taste Initially sweet but followed by peppery overtones. Lemon, mango, and grapefruit flavours are complemented by a dark chocolate edge. Aroma with Water Sweet marshmallow and honeycomb aromas lead to malty biscuit and milk chocolate notes. Subtle hints of ripe banana and butterscotch are also present. Taste with Water Smooth and sweet with hints of black pepper. Ripe banana, mango, and tangerine develop and lead to milk chocolate flavours. Subtle hints of tobacco combine with a salty edge on the finish. Body Light to medium. Finish Medium in length; smooth and fruity with a delicate salty drying edge."

700ml | 43% abv | Highlands Scotland