Domaine Tariquet 12 Year Old Bas-Armagnac 48.2% ABV 700ml

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Chateau du Tariquet 12 Year Old Cask Strength Armagnac

Distilled on the family run estate from the notoriously hard to grow Folle Blanche grape. This Bas-Armagnac is then aged in French oak barrels in the century old cellars of Chateau Du Tariquet for 12 years before being bottled at cask strength to optimise the aromatic characteristics.

An incredible 12 year old bottled by the inimitable Chateau du Tariquet. Based in the Gers department, just outside of the town of Eauze, the Chateau is one of the largest wine and spirits producers in the region. That said, of their sprawling estate, just 25 hectares are dedicated to the growing of Folle Blanche, a grape renowned both for its marvellous flavour and notorious difficulty to cultivate. It is this grape that Chateau du Tariquet use to create their age statement Armagnacs, such as this bottle.

The resulting flavour of the Armagnac is testament to the quality of the grape: an intense, vanilla-led nose gives way to a rich and complex palate, with highlights of fresh French oak, and succulent grapes. The finish is nutty and lingering. The flavours of this Armagnac are boosted by its cask strength of 48.5%. A spirit of unrelenting class.

700ml | 48.2%abv | Bas Armagnac, France