Dutschke Liquid Amber 10 Year Old Topaque 19% 500ml

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The idea of producing Topaque came about when the winemaker's cousin Jeff asked if they could make him a barrel or two of Tokay, as it used to be called, from the one remaining row of Topaque (Muscadelle) grapes. He wanted something in his shed to warm him up after pruning during the cold winters.

Jeff's plan was to knock out the old vines with the bulldozer after this first vintage. Wayne Dutschke struck a deal with Jeff that if the wine shaped up well, that maybe they would keep the vines. As you can probably guess, the wine was terrific and the vines are still there today.

"Liquid Amber Topaque" is a blend of the wines produced from this one row over a number of years, with some older material that they’ve chased up from a couple of wine making friends also in the Barossa. Some of the precious older Tokay goes back to 1988 and has been blended over the years to give us a bottling blend with an average age of 10 years. By blending older wine with the younger parcels, Dutschke have produced a Tokay with all the richness and lusciousness you’d expect, along with plenty of caramel, toffee and nutty characters. The palate is sweet, rich, viscous and luscious, finishing round with a touch of dryness from the oak tannins and warming alcohol.

Best consumed at anytime in good company.

500mL | 19%abv | Barossa Valley, South Australia