Gin Advent Calendar Limited Release

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The Best Gins from all over Australia

The Gin Advent Calendar - the perfect gift for all lovers of gin.

The calendar comprises of:
* 24 x 50ml Australian Craft Gins, labelled to remember what you have tasted.
* Samples from 5 states, 21 distillers - there are 7 from Tasmania - more than any other state.
* Gins with international awards, new gins and others a little harder to find.
* Tasting notes and serving suggestions from the distillers.
* Cocktail instructions from The Martini Whisperer.
* Included: A map of 101 Australian & NZ gin producers and descriptions of 10 native botanicals often used in gin.
* Original gin botanical illustrations from artist Liene Drulle.

24 x 50ml Bottle Size.

Product of Australia