Hart & Dart Mulberry Barrel Aged Gin

Garden Tiger

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Barrel Aged Garden Tiger

A brand new limited release of Hart and Dart (previously Garden Tiger). The Capreolus distillery brings you a Mulberry barrel aged version of their wonderful Garden Tiger Gin. Destination Cellars members will be the first people in Australia to have access to this super limited release and local favourite. 

Distiller Barney Wilczak places a huge importance on the quality of botanicals, all of which are inspected by hand and individually introduced into the process. The collection of spices, berries and herbs are soaked in British wheat spirit for 40 hours with blood orange, flowers and fragrant leaves placed in a basket in the still. Released as single barrel batches, the mulberry wood imparts a delicate sweetness and light tannins to the flavour. Sip like a single malt, add to a negroni or add to your favourite gin cocktail.

The distillery is located in Stratton, Gloucestershire and a number of the botanicals are sourced locally. Bottled at 47%, it is also non chill filtered to retain as much flavour and texture as possible.

500ml | 47% ABV | Batches of 500 bottles