Hartshorn Dark Mofo Sheep Whey Gin 500ml

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The 2022 Dark Mofo Gin is the first time Hartshorn has seen their spirit turn red. What evil has befallen?

Only available to buy all June, then gone forever!

"An evil demon has infiltrated our distillery and turned our spirits! I will attempt to cleanse our range, but this will take some weeks to fix! For those who don’t know we only have these evil issues once per year and only for the month of June."

Released in limited batches, this gin is made from the whey by-product of Grandvewe Cheese. Using Juniper and 6 secret native botanicals, 3 of which haven't been used in gin before. Richard Hartshorn vapor infuses each botanical into the spirit, taking around 2 days with each botanical in his 200 litre glass column still. His aim is to create a delicate and subtle bouquet of petals and citrus with notes of freshly cut hay. Each bottle is hand painted, printed and signed by Richard

This is a remarkable Paddock to bottle product

500ml Bottle Size. 40% Alc/Vol

Product of Birchs Bay, Tasmania