Hartshorn Sheep Whey Peat Smoked Vodka 40% 500ml

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Tasmiania's First Peat Smoke Vodka

Made with Tasmanian Peat, the peat bog is dried and ignited to bellow plumes of smoke that infuses into their whey fermentation process before distilling. They then further vapour infuse the peat smoke in the final stage of the distilling process. This creates a delicate smoky and sweet nose that then builds complexity as you drink it, due to the spirit getting disturbed upon consumption.

This spirit captures all the unique qualities of our sheep whey vodka and infuses them with the pervasive character of Tasmanian peat smoke. Hartshorn's Peat smoked sheep whey vodka will be an elegant, balanced and complex experience in a dirty martini. Serves well on top of fresh oysters, salmon gravlax or with your favourite cigar.


500ml | 40% Alc/Vol | Birchs Bay, Tasmania