Hobart Whisky 19-003 Ex Bourbon

Devil's Distillery

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Matured in ex-Bourbon cask

Beautifully crafted Tasmanian single malt, a marriage of small American Oak Ex-Bourbon matured casks finished in French Oak Port expressed at 48.6% abv.

Official tasting notes

Nose: Soft and inviting, with creamy vanilla, juicy fruits, baked streusel cake. Toffee apples and a gentle Maritime note.

Palate: Shortbreads, apricot jam, gingerbread and white chocolate. Fresh fruits, butterscotch, apple pie and White Oak.

Finish: Smooth, creamy and well textured, with juicy fruits, vanilla slice and a burst of citrus. A touch of milk chocolate, oak, and a hint of peach.

500ml | 57.7% ABV | Tasmania, Australia