Hobart Whisky 19-004 Port finish Single Malt Whisky

Devil's Distillery

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Matured in ex-Bourbon & French Oak Port casks

Beautifully crafted Tasmanian single malt, a marriage of small American Oak Ex-Bourbon matured casks finished in French Oak Port expressed at 48.6% abv.

Official tasting notes

Sweet malt and vanilla caramel over hints of dark fruit lingering beneath.

Opens sweet and creamy then builds across the palate to warm toffee pudding with the alcohol coming in late and clean. A gentle peppery chorus is there in the background to complete the picture. Complexity and subtle elegance are the keynotes.

A long and satisfying warm finish with lingering vanilla bean and some faint floral notes over some subtle peppery zing.

500ml | 48.6% ABV | Tasmania, Australia