Kavalan 10th Anniversary Special Edition Single Malt Whisky Set (2 x 1000ml)


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Kavalan 10th Anniversary Special Edition Single Malt Whisky Set

Kavalan, the single malt whisky juggernaut from Taiwan, has released two limited-edition single malt whiskies to celebrate their tenth year in production. Presented in Kavalan's trademark spectacular packaging complete with a pair of Glencairn whisky glasses, these whiskies were aged in casks that previously held Bordeaux wines from the famous Margaux and Pauillac regions of France. 

Destination Cellars staff were privileged to have been able to taste these amazing drams at our last Kavalan event and can attest to their incredible depth and length of flavour. Only a handful have made it to Australia, and we only have a precious few to sell in Tasmania. 

Kavalan have released the following tasting notes, "The limited edition Bordeaux Pauillac whisky bursts with sumptuous flavours of ripened fruits of the forest, delicious toffee apple, and gentle cumin, coriander and pepper spices”. Kavalan Bordeaux Margaux, meanwhile, has notes of “warm caramel and buttery fudge, thick dark molasses and the soft sweetness of creamy vanilla”.

The set includes two 1000ml bottles of Kavalan’s finest whiskies matured in Bordeaux Margaux and Bordeaux Pauillac barrels, both bottled at 57.8% abv respectively. 

Only 3,000 bottles of each whisky have been produced for worldwide distribution.

“We were intrigued by the distinctive flavours that might be possible from this unique marriage between Kavalan, where we pursue perfection daily, and these prestigious châteaux, known for their centuries of excellence.” said Master blender Ian Chang.

“At Kavalan we have always sought excellence as a foundation for our whisky as we look into the future and work toward our goal of becoming, what in Taiwan we call a ‘century-old distillery’, which is a brand capable of thriving even after hundreds of years.” said Kavalan CEO YT Lee.

Kavalan Bordeaux Margaux Wine Cask Matured Single Cask Single Malt
Colour: Dark amber

Nose: Freshly stewed tropical fruits and brown sugar, aromas of warming spice and delicious dessert wine.

Palate: Buttery toffee full of currents and raisins. Stewed plums and roasted macadamias.

Finish: Just superb, long and delicious with sweet fruits and pastry notes.

Kavalan Bordeaux Pauillac Wine Cask Matured Single Cask Single Malt
Colour: Rich Mahogany

Nose: Blackcurrants, strawberries, blueberries. There’s a wonderful sweet but dry combination influenced by the Pauillac wine. Freshly cut apples, salami, black pepper and coriander seeds.

Palate: Creamy and plenty of really elegantly balanced vanilla. Tropical fruits combined with toffee and coriander seeds.

Finish: The red berries and the black pepper combine. A tropical fruit bomb with a long but drying finish.

Super Limited and Rare

2 x 1000ml | ABV: 57.8% | Taiwan