Kavalan Native Species 'Sika Deer' Concertmaster Port Cask Single Malt Whisky 700ml + 2x50ml

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Native Species 'Sika Deer' Limited Edition Gift Set

Kavalan's Taiwanese Native Species Exclusive Edition Gift Sets comprise three sets inspired by the country’s local animals, including the Leopard Cat, Mikado Pheasant, and Sika Deer. The animals represent symbols of hope and prosperity, and each set celebrates the richness of Taiwan’s natural beauty and biodiversity. The gift packs have been designed by Taiwanese artist Sandy Liu.

Since 2008 Kavalan have been dominating whisky awards around the globe. The Concertmaster is known for allowing the whisky drinker a chance to sample their core range and experience all the hype. Using Ruby Port, Tawny Port and Vintage Port casks from Portugal to finish whiskies that were initially matured in American oak. 

This is a limited release gift set of your favourite single malt whisky celebrating the native species of Taiwan. The packaging and bottle label are graced with the Formosan Sika Deer which has distinctive white spots that are most prominent in summer. The male has antlers, which are grown and replaced every year. The Sika Deer is depicted alongside three butterflies with auspicious symbolism and the Butterfly Orchid representing happiness and success.

Nose: Tropical fruits, vanilla caramel, tobacco leaf, milk chocolate, shortbread and cloves.

Palate: Red fruits, cinnamon, raisins and sultanas, oak and white pepper spice.

Finish: Dried dark fruits, strawberry jam and tobacco leaf.

This limited release gift set includes a 50ml sample of this release as well as a 50ml sample of Kavalan's 'Distillery Select No.1' single malt whisky. 

700ml | 40%abv | Taiwan