Ki No Bi

Ki No Tea Japanese Dry Gin 45.1% ABV 700ml

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Premium Gin From Kyoto, Japan

KI NO TEA is created in collaboration with a tea-grower and blender founded in 1879. A number of super-premium teas have been specially selected to form the heart of KI NO TEA.

Tencha and Gyokuro provide intense aromas and depth of flavour with a wonderful sweetness that occurs naturally in the distillation of these superior teas.

Leaves used are form a field that dates back to the 1300’s, and are blended carefully with their secret botanical recipe.

Gentle aromas give the impression of walking into a silent Japanese tea house. First, sweet notes like white-chocolate and citrus arise from the glass, followed by woody juniper. KI NO TEA lingers with a very long lasting, warm green tea finish.

700mL | 45.1% ABV | Japan