Kilchoman Small Batch 2023 Islay Single Malt Whisky 48.7% ABV 700ml

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Kilchoman Small Batch 2023 Limited Release

This Small Batch Vatting combines Bourbon and Oloroso sherry matured Kilchoman at
46% ABV with specially selected Shaved Toasted & Re-charred (STR) Red Wine
casks, at natural cask strength. The result is a marriage of classic Kilchoman citrus
and peat smoke with layers of red fruits, cinnamon sweetness, and fresh vanilla.

"Our Small Batch bottlings are all about experimenting, using specially selected casks at natural strength to add added layers of flavour and intensity”


The Small Batch Releases for selected markets began in 2019, as a Machir Bay vatting or Machir Bay Collaborative Vatting ,(a whisky with 46% alcohol strength, which was previously matured for approx. 5 years predominantly in Bourbon barrels and 5-15% in Oloroso sherry casks. This vatting is then married with an additional "special cask".

The additional cask is an STR cask (Shaved, Toasted & Re-charred ex-Red Wine Cask). The proportions of the individual casks in the vatting are given as 75 % Bourbon, 5 % Oloroso sherry and 20 % STR.

The result is an expression displaying flavours of baked apples and honey, paired with Kilchoman’s classic notes of citrus and peat smoke.

Cask types: 75 % Bourbon Barrels / 5 % Oloroso Sherry / 20 % STR

Date Bottled: 20.03.2023


Nose: Classic Kilchoman citrus-sweet notes and warming peat smoke balanced alongside
elegant yet rich fruit-forward tones.

Palate: Toasted oak notes make way for raisin and fig combined with a rich nuttiness.

Finish: Lingering maritime peat smoke is matched with an abundance of spice and nutmeg.

 700ml | 48.7% ABV | Islay, Scotland