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Lark 19 Year Old Cask One 'HHF582B' 63.4% & Cask Two ' HHF585A' 63.3% Legacy Tasmanian Single Malt Whisky 2 x 500ml

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The Lark Legacy 19 Year Old - two unprecedented whiskies with an extraordinary heritage

Lark 19 Year Old Cask One 'HHF582B' & Cask Two 'HHF585A' Legacy Tasmanian Single Malt Whisky was crafted during Bill Lark’s tenure as Head Distiller at a renowned Tasmanian distillery. For nearly two decades this precious spirit was nurtured, soaking up complexity and history under the careful watch of Bill before finding its permanent home in the Lark bond store. Nineteen years later, the result is this inaugural Legacy release; two bottlings containing some of the rarest, oldest single malts ever to emerge from the House of Lark. A rich testament to the care and craftsmanship of Bill Lark that captures the spirit of his original pioneering vision, a Tasmanian legacy that will endure for years to come.

Legacy HHF582B was first filled into HH581 and HH582 in January of 2001, it spent the first 15 years of its life relatively undisturbed in these original French Oak casks. In 2016, these two casks caught the eye of Lark Head Distiller Chris Thomson, who realised their potential to become something even more incredible with a little helping hand. He started them on a finishing journey that has seen them married and matured into the exquisite whisky we share with you now.


NOSE: An old attic filled with nostalgic memories of salted caramels, liquorice, peppermint ice-cream, and chica cherry cola.

PALATE: Soft, buttery caramel—barely set and still warm—is followed by an intricate tapestry of dates, roasted apple, golden syrup, coffee eclairs, and

FINISH: Dark chocolate, coffee, nougat, and nutmeg. An elegant and nuanced evening stroll down memory lane.

Legacy HHF585A single malt is a perfect example of the wonders of cask magic. Filled into French Oak cask HH585 all the way back in 2001, it slowly soaked up complexities over time. For HH585, the relationship between whisky and wood was the perfect partnership — a beautiful balance of flavours that lasted 15 years, until the cask had no more to give.

Knowing he wanted to add further complexity to the whisky, Lark Head Distiller Chris Thomson moved HH585 to a 200L Bourbon cask, HHF585A. During the final four years of its maturation, this cask allowed some of the base notes in the spirit to soften and added fresh layers to the nose.

Legacy HHF585A is a celebration of not just pure Tasmanian ingredients and makers, but of the importance of cask selection and the magic oak can produce; a unique single malt that has been 19 years in the making.


NOSE: The alluring aromas of Medjool dates, fig, green olive, and gingerbread dough are bolstered by sweet, earthy undertones, reminiscent of pipe tobacco and perfectly-seared steak.

PALATE: An immersive experience that starts with a hit of rhum agricole and builds in complexity. Notes of green apple, cherry, and pink peppercorns shine through the rich backbone of fresh tobacco and muscatels.

FINISH: The fresh tobacco makes itself at home, and drops subtle hints of coconut, cloves, and toasted walnut. There’s nothing left to do but sit back and enjoy its delightful and engaging company.

2 x 500ml | 63.4% ABV & 63.4% ABV | Tasmania, Australia