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Lark Quiet Cannon Tasmanian Rum 500ml

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Unique Small Batch Tasmanian Rum

Back in 2008, Lark Quiet Cannon Rum was developed by Ross Dinsmoor as Tasmania's first commercial Rum release in over 160 years.

Hand made in small batches, Lark Quiet Cannon Rum is distilled from 100% Australian sweet molasses, blended yeast strains and pure Tasmanian mountain spring water. Lark then do a slow fermentation for up to 3 weeks before carefully double distilling and finished in a small batch 500L copper pot still. The rum is small cask aged in Lark’s own 100L Single Malt Whisky Barrels making it a truly unique rum experience; a rum for the whisky drinker. 

Its unique flavour is the result of years of dedication to the art of distillation, in the pristine environment of Tasmania, Australia. 

Maple syrup, charred orange peel, carried through with a big oak and tannin profile.

Caramel, toffee, orange peel, crème brulee, stewed peaches, golden syrup ANZAC biscuits.

Long lingering profile of toffee and leather.

500ml | 50% ABV | Hobart, Tasmania