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Lark The Wolf Edition 5 Limited Release Single Malt Whisky 51% ABV 500ml

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The 5th Rare Small Batch Lark Collaboration with Wolf of the Willows Brewery

Boilermaker, anyone?!? Every year, empty Lark whisky casks are selected by the team at Wolf of the Willows Brewery and sent on a journey across the Bass Strait. Filled with the Wolf’s Imperial Johnny Smoke Porter and left to season, the casks work their magic on the beer before being decanted and returned to Lark to finish the Wolf release single malt whisky.

Wolf of the Willows V is the annual benchmark expression of their barrel exchange program, with a solid core of malt, earth, and smoke. The infamous beer and whisky swap is back with a big, bad experience reserved only for the bold. The fifth year of a shared vision between The House of LARK and Victoria’s Wolf of the Willows brewery, to handcraft modern tipples, resulting in a single malt growling with character. 

Molten mocha pours through a roasted malt-soaked core, lifted with fresh hops steeped from the brooding Wolf of the Willows JSP casks, balanced with Lark's tropical fruit driven single malt. A beast of a release for whisky and beer lovers alike, best enjoyed under a full moon.


NOSE Subtle grassy hops are surrounded by toffee apple, baked pears and creamy hazelnut.

PALATE Intense mocha with roasted malt, with dark chocolate and raspberry.

FINISH Espresso ice cream will linger along side a creaming soda.

500ml | 51% ABV | Tasmania, Australia