Release the Wolves - Lark Whisky Event

Release the Wolves - Lark Whisky Event

Destination Cellars

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Lark 'The Wolf' Limited Release Whisky Event

Lark Distillery in conjunction with Destination Cellars invites you to a very special evening of Whisky Wolvery on Friday August 9th at 7pm in the beautiful surrounds of Hadleys Orient Hotel.

We will not only delve into Lark's The Wolf Second Limited Release, but have also secured a batch of the Wolf of the Willows Lark Barrel Aged Imperial Johnny Smoke Porter, as well as sourcing a bottle of the now extinct The Wolf First Limited Release to try alongside each other. You will also be treated to the latest releases of the Lark Classic Cask (43% & 58%) varieties, and finish the night with the Lark Sláinte Single Malt Whisky Liqueur.

Join the venerable pack leader Michael Blake (Canis lupus larkus) from Lark Distillery for an evening of celebration, as he explains how The Wolf Release came into fruition, and how it represents a unique exchange of ideas, passion and casks. 

Lark Distillery whisky casks were carefully selected by the crew at Wolf of the Willows Brewery, decanted, and sent on a journey across the Bass Strait. Filled with the Wolf’s Imperial Johnny Smoked Porter and left to age, they worked their magic before being emptied and returned to Tasmania, to be refilled with Lark single malt whisky. The result is the Wolf Release: a unique single malt whisky that reflects an adventurous and collaborative journey.

The line-up from Lark is:

Classic Cask 43% Single Malt Whisky

Classic Cask 58% Single Malt Whisky

The Wolf Release #1 54% Single Malt Whisky

The Wolf Release #2 54% Single Malt Whisky

2019 Lark Barrel Aged Imperial 13.9% Imperial Johnny Smoke Porter

Lark Sláinte Single Malt Whisky Liqueur

Tickets are $60 per person and must be booked in advance as seats are limited. 

Stock will be available to purchase at discounted rates to attendees, plus finger food, and good times will be provided.

Friday August 9th at 7pm at Hadleys Orient Hotel, 34 Murray St, Hobart

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