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Launceston Distillery Winter Solstice 2 Single Malt Whisky 47% ABV 500ml

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The Launceston Distillery Winter Solstice #2 2023 release Whisky is here!

Also called the hibernal solstice, the winter solstice occurs when either of Earth's poles reach their maximum tilt away from the sun. This happens twice a year, once in each hemisphere. In Tasmania on June 22nd we will enjoy our shortest day and our longest night. 

To celebrate we give you the Launceston Distillery Winter Solstice #2.

Winter Solstice 2 is the highly anticipated sequel in the series. Last year we released a small experimental cask, a single malt whisky made with peat from Flinders Island. This year we have released something a lot bigger in volume and flavour! A single cask, tawny matured, peated single malt.

Back in 2017 we distilled a mash using peated barley imported from Bairds Malt in Scotland. (The famous malt house that supplies Diageo, the company that owns Lagavulin, Talisker and Brora to name just a few). The new make spirit was matured in a 100 litre SA Cooperage tawny cask until our Head Distiller Chris, determined it was the perfect cask for the Winter Solstice 2.

Tasting notes

Colour: Amber, dark honey.

Nose: Sweet fruity notes from the tawny cask compliment the earthy peated malt. An enjoyable mix of berries and peat.

Palate: A warming oiliness on the palate, mild peat notes are balanced by flavours of fruit, port and oak.

Finish: Smooth and soft, with lingering sweet peaty notes. A perfect dram to enjoy in front of a fire on a cold winter’s night.

500ml | 47% ABV | Tasmania, Australia