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Local Absinthe - Gypsy Whisky Co. Tasmanian Absinthe 60% abv 500ml

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Local Absinthe - a new Tasmanian Spirit

A ripping Tasmanian-made absinthe handcrafted by the dynamic duo of Jack Lark and Louis Duckett. Local Absinthe is made in the true European style, this potent drop includes the classic flavours of wormwood, fennel seed, aniseed and more, but also incorporates the native lemon myrtle.

The spirit is also macerated after distillation to impart more character and to mellow the spirit. 

Absinthe has a history of infamy, banned across most of the world for almost 100 years, today it is not only legal but is promoted for its health benefits as it's made from medicinal and culinary herbs, plants, and flowers.
The elixir was invented in Switzerland as a general cure-all by Pierre Ordinaire, a French physician, in 1792, and I'm sure if he was around today, Pierre would give this Tasmanian version the thumbs up. 

500mL | 60% Alc/Vol | Product of Tasmania