Monkey 47

Monkey 47 Schwarzwald Dry Gin 47% 500ml

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A harmonious marriage of British traditions, the spices of India, and the rich landscape of the Black Forest. 

One third of the ingredients for this impeccable spirit have been selected from the Black Forest and are definitely not what what you would find in a typical gin. A marriage culminating in 47 handpicked ingredients, prepared in extremely soft spring water from their local Black Forest source before being distilled followed by maturation in traditional earthenware containers allowing the flavours to properly soften and integrate. As necessary of any traditional gin, it displays the distinct aroma of juniper, but also a wonderfully tangy and crisp citrus note, sweet, floral aromas, a hint of peppery spices with subtle, bitter fruit and an extraordinarily deep and harmoniously balanced complexity. This gin may be the pinnacle of eccentricity and has possibly one of the most amazing aromas. You may find yourself being entirely satisfied pouring a measure of this and being so preoccupied nosing it that you may forget entirely to drink it. Truly showcasing the powers of aroma, you may find yourself transported to the depths of the Black Forest. 

500ml | 47% ABV | Germany