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Mountain Goat Hopped Gin 700ml

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Hopped Gin First Release 

It’s no secret that Mountain Goat love big, hoppy beers, so it was a natural step for them to create a gin that used hops as a balanced part of the spirit. Much in the classic London Dry style, we chose to make a juniper-forward gin, not just because they’re our favourite, but also because juniper and hops
have a lot in common, with both ingredients bringing resinous, piney and citrusy flavours.

TASTING NOTES: At first sip there is a subtle heat from the native pepper berry, which leads into resinous, piney flavours from the juniper and hops. A rounded citrus and coriander profile presents itself on the mid-palate, adding a pleasant herbal warmth before the florals kick in for that unmistakable finish.


700ml 40% abv, Victoria