Murray McDavid

Murray McDavid 'Crafted Blend' Righ Seumas II 12 Year Old Blended Scotch Whisky 50% 700ml

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Established in 1994, Murray McDavid has quickly become a leading Scotch whisky bottler. One of the first to start using a wide variety of casks in the Art of Maturation to produce Inspired Scotch Whisky

To make this opulent blended Scotch whisky, our fourth batch of Rìgh Seumas II (pronounced ray shay-muss), we’re rebelling against mediocre blends. We have brought together a dram worthy of kings. This luxurious dram, bursting with a variety of different spirits, consists of 70% malt and 30% grain whisky – a highly complex and unique recipe. This powerful blend, inspired by Jim McEwan, is the spirit of Bruichladdich, along with older malts from Auchentoshan, Tobermory, Arran, and Old Rhosdhu. These were matured in Bordeaux red wine barriques, blended with grain whisky, before resting in Sherry hogsheads. The arts of maturation and blending at their very best.

Blended scotch whisky from Islay, Speyside, Highland and Lowland regions. This is a marriage of 35% Bruichladdich, 15% Invergordon, 15% North British, 14% Arran, 7% Tobermory, 7% Old Rhosdhu and 7% Auchentoshan. Aged in bourbon, wine and sherry casks. Finished in sherry hogsheads.


Nose: Rich fruits, leather and vanilla

Palate: Buttery, toffee cake and oak spice

Finish: Creamy dried fruits


700ml 50% ABV From Scotland