No Boundaries Tasmania

No Boundaries Tasmania 1st Release Batch 2 Bourbon Cask Blended Malt Whisky 47.2% ABV 500ml

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No Boundaries Tasmanian Whisky

The First Release Tasmanian Blended Malt Whisky - Batch 2


The first component of this blend came from Hobart Whisky. I was presented with a whisky that had been matured in a beautiful *Hillrock American Oak 40L cask that previously held their lightly smoked single malt whisky. The Hobart spirit really sings in this cask. It was incredibly seductive from the beginning with aromas of crème caramel pudding and banana bread.

We didn't want to lose any of the beautiful Bourbon cask characteristics that we had been given so we looked to do a double Bourbon cask blend. It was married with a portion of Launceston's own first-fill ex-Bourbon cask whisky taken from a 100L cask from Tasmanian Cask Company of around 5 years of age. This whisky brought a flavour profile of toffee apple, gentle spice and soft oak profile to the blend.

These whiskies were married together and after several months they integrated exceptionally well. A wonderful example of Bourbon cask whisky - Tasmanian style. The balance between the spirit and cask is spot-on. I present to you, the very first release of No Boundaries Tasmanian Whisky - Batch 2, ex-Bourbon Cask Blended Malt Whisky. Made with great people to be enjoyed in great company.

I present to you, the very first release of No Boundaries Tasmanian Whisky - Batch 2, ex-Bourbon Cask Blended Malt Whisky. Made with great people to be enjoyed in great company.


Tasting Notes:

Nose: Warm vanilla bean with nutmeg and clove, custard tart, gummy bears and springtime honeysuckle blossom. Leading to toasted rye, floral notes and gentle oak.

Palate: Begins with boiled lollies, honey and citrus. The viscous mid-palate begins with warm spices, rich roasted chocolate malt grain, and enticing honeycomb.

Finish: A long and satisfying finish, featuring creamed honey, rose, toffee and gentle spice with light toasted grain and sweet oak char. A beautifully integrated whisky, balancing the spirit and cask. 

One of only 86 bottles produced.

Non chill-filtered and natural colour.

500ml | 47.2% ABV | Tasmania, Australia

* Hillrock Estate Distillery, based in the Hudson Valley region of New York, is a paddock-to-bottle distillery that uses their estate grown barley that’s “traditionally smoked” in their on-site Malthouse with imported peat from Scotland for approximately 12 hours prior to distillation.

A massive thank you to fine folks involved in this process. To Ben James, a very special thank you as unofficial project manager who went the extra yards when I was often called away to my other jobs. It has been wonderful getting to know you over the last couple of years and I really appreciate your input and skill in the whisky making and blending process. To Team Hobart: Rocky, John, & Rach - thank you for allowing me to hang out with you at work so often - Hobart Whisky is a happy place for me. To Chris "Condosaurus" Condon and his wonderful team at Launceston Distillery, thank you so much for your enthusiasm at joining this project during a difficult COVID influenced time. Thank you to David Debattista for sorting our media shoots. Many thanks to Meng Koach for the fine work on design and labelling. Thank you to Tom Holder from Sleeker Media for putting all of the pieces together. 

No Boundaries Tasmanian Blended Whisky

No Boundaries Whisky is a passion project that celebrates the people and relationships that have been nurtured for over a decade in the Tasmanian whisky industry that I love. It reflects a collaborative process where distilleries get to work with each other's spirit and create a truly unique blend. Made with great people to be enjoyed in great company. I look forward to sharing these whiskies with you - Todd Morrison - owner No Boundaries Whisky

Genesis. I've been tinkering with this idea for years and I wanted my next project to allow me to work with some local distilleries to produce some blended whiskies under an independent label. My first release was always going to involve Launceston and Hobart. Any Tasmanian will know of our parochialism between the northern and southern cities - something that started under colonial times when the state was called Van Diemen's Land, Launceston was known as Cornwall County and Hobart was known as Buckingham County. The No Boundaries label represents an inclusive process for people to work with each other from all over the state, the 42nd Parallel component of the brand is a tongue-in-cheek reflection of those times (The 42nd Parallel South demarcation line at Ross which separates the North from the South). I was thrilled that both distilleries were keen to start the project with me and I am truly grateful for their participation.

Creation. We made several batch samples and settled on two that really stood out as the first releases. Batch One of the whiskies was a more cask driven style - we made a flavour bomb! The backbone of this dram was Launceston's peated ex-Bourbon cask, married and blended with Hobart's ex-Bourbon whisky to create a rich, layered and flavoursome whisky. Batch Two is more spirit driven, made in a Scottish style, lending itself to the beautiful ex-Bourbon cask influence of Hobart Whisky, blended with Launceston Distillery's own ex-Bourbon cask.

Kudos. I loved having the chance to work with people that I like and respect. This brand is a celebration of the collaborative process, relationships and individual journeys. The distilleries make the magic happen and we capture it in the bottle ... It's called No Boundaries Whisky Tasmania. To be enjoyed wherever you live, work or play!