No Boundaries Tasmania

No Boundaries Tasmania Overeem/Spring Bay Release Batch 1 Bourbon Cask Blended Malt Whisky 47.3% ABV 500ml

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No Boundaries Tasmanian Whisky

The Second Release Tasmanian Blended Malt Whisky featuring Overeem and Spring Bay - Batch 1 is Bourbon cask matured and un-peated


Fans of both Overeem and Spring Bay whiskies will love this blend - the signature styles of both distilleries are immediately recognizable and their flavour profiles completely compliment each other in this marriage.  

The first component of this blend came from Overeem Whisky. I was presented with a whisky that had been matured in a beautiful American Oak 100L cask that previously held Bourbon. This was a rich and seductive whisky bursting with notes of citrus, stone fruits and honeycomb.

It was married with a 50L cask of Spring Bay's ex-Bourbon cask whisky from Wild Turkey. This whisky brought a flavour profile of toffee, crème caramel pudding and a rye spice profile to the blend.

These whiskies effortlessly married together and integrated exceptionally well. A wonderful example of Bourbon cask whisky - Tasmanian style. The balance between both of the spirits is perfect.

I present to you, the second release of No Boundaries Tasmanian Whisky - Overeem and Spring Bay Batch 1, ex-Bourbon Cask Blended Malt Whisky. Made with great people to be enjoyed in great company.

Todd Morrison | No Boundaries Whisky Tasmania


The Overeem spirit is soft & elegant, with great texture & mouthfeel, offering tropical fruits, green apples and sweet Tasmanian malt. Maturation is slow in our cool purpose built bond stores. This allows us to create a balanced single malt, where a distinctive but measured oak influence perfectly compliments the spirit profile, and achieve remarkable consistency in single cask expressions.

In this blend, the Overeem Spirit component strengthened the body and mid-back palate of this whisky. It wonderfully complimented the deliciously sweet Spring Bay bourbon front end and added depth and maltiness to their distinctive maritime style. Cracking whisky delivering on all fronts. Well done Todd.

Mark Sawford | Owner/Director at Overeem Whisky


I am very proud to have this collaboration with one of my favourite Tasmanian Single Malts – Overeem.

Upon tasting this special blend I am still recognising the DNA of Spring Bay: Honey on the nose, sweet caramels and because we use a heavy char with our Bourbon casks – I am picking up our classic hints of Crème Brûlée.

The layering of Overeem with Spring Bay brings an interesting complexity as the whisky alludes to both these quality single malts.

Cam Brett | Co-Owner/Co-Founder at Spring Bay Distillery

Tasting Notes:

Nose: Juicy Fruit gum, citrus, sweet vanilla cream and honeycomb with gentle oak.

Palate: Begins with stone fruits, honey and builds to a viscous mid-palate brimming with biscuity malt, warm spices, roasted dark chocolate, and rich toffee.

Finish: A long and satisfying finish, featuring warm caramel, red fruits, and light toasted grains and sweet oak spice. 

One of only 158 bottles produced. Bottled on the day of the winter solstice 22/6/2023

Non chill-filtered and natural colour.

500ml | 47.3% ABV | Tasmania, Australia

A massive thank you to fine folks at Overeem and Spring Bay involved in this process. 

No Boundaries Tasmanian Blended Whisky

No Boundaries Whisky is a passion project that celebrates the people and relationships that have been nurtured for over a decade in the Tasmanian whisky industry that I love. It reflects a collaborative process where distilleries get to work with each other's spirit and create a truly unique blend. Made with great people to be enjoyed in great company. I look forward to sharing these whiskies with you - Todd Morrison - owner No Boundaries Whisky

Genesis. I was thrilled that my second release was a blend of whisky from the South of the state (Overeem) and the East Coast (Spring Bay). The No Boundaries label represents an inclusive process for people to work with each other from all over the state, I was grateful that both distilleries were keen to work on the project with me and I am truly thankful for their participation.

Creation. We made a larger batch sample and also set aside some juice to create a smaller batch to experiment with. Batch One - The backbone of this dram was Overeem's ex-Bourbon cask, married and blended with Spring Bay's ex-Bourbon whisky to create an elegant, yet rich and layered whisky. Batch Two is the same blend but finished for two months in a peat-smoked cask to give some palate depth and add some smoky notes to the dram.

Kudos. I loved having the chance to work with people that I like and respect. This brand is a celebration of the collaborative process, relationships and individual journeys. The distilleries make the magic happen and we capture it in the bottle ... It's called No Boundaries Whisky Tasmania. To be enjoyed wherever you live, work or play!