Port Charlotte Scottish Barley Heavily Peated


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Heavily Peated Islay Single Malt

Peated to a heavyweight 40ppm, Port Charlotte Scottish Barley is crafted from cask profiles originally selected by master distiller Jim McEwan. It showcases the supreme elegance of this remarkable single malt – a union of the classic floral elegance of Bruichladdich and heavy peat. Trickle distilled from 100% Scottish Barley the spirit gently matures in the lochside village of Port Charlotte before being bottled here at the distillery using Islay spring water. Port Charlotte single malt explores the complexities of natural whisky, through barley provenance, cask influence and the passing of time. It is living proof that Bruichladdich's values are rooted in provenance, authenticity and transparency.

700ml | 50%ABV | Islay, Scotland