Southarm Distillery

Southarm Distillery Taswegian Blue Gin 700ml

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Southarm Disillery is a family owned Tasmanian distillery. “Our vision is to design, craft and release unique small batch spirits; creative, authentic and innovative, recognising originality but bring diversity to type/style. Made and aged at our unique coastal site; this is our passion. Procuring quality ingredients and developing recipes for both traditional and contemporary products is the fun we both share. Small batch, high quality, made and aged." Kent & Jean Moore

Taswegian Blue is fun and delicate, excellent for those who love tonic water and high ball cocktails. The Blue is infused with the dried petals of the Butterfly Pea which is a perennial vine/creeper with many culinary uses. The wonderful vivid blue petals bring the wonderful deep blue colour. Often used in herbal teas the extract from the leaves is sensitive to variations in Ph values so when acidic mixers like tonic are added the deep blue colour changes to a wonderful pink lustre.

700mL | 44.9% Alc/Vol | Product of Tasmania