Southarm Distillery

Southarm Distillery Taswegian Bold Gin 700ml

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Southarm Disillery is a family owned Tasmanian distillery. “Our vision is to design, craft and release unique small batch spirits; creative, authentic and innovative, recognising originality but bring diversity to type/style. Made and aged at our unique coastal site; this is our passion. Procuring quality ingredients and developing recipes for both traditional and contemporary products is the fun we both share. Small batch, high quality, made and aged." Kent & Jean Moore

Taswegian Bold is packed with flavour from a generous list of botanicals and higher alcohol level. The Bold stands up very well to how ever you mix your spirits, but best neat or over ice. The wider industry would refer to it as a ‘navy strength’ gin, our Bold is a big Gin at 60.5% ABV.

700mL | 60.5% Alc/Vol | Product of Tasmania