Southarm Distillery

Southarm Distillery Taswegian Dry Gin 700ml

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Southarm Disillery is a family owned Tasmanian distillery. “Our vision is to design, craft and release unique small batch spirits; creative, authentic and innovative, recognising originality but bring diversity to type/style. Made and aged at our unique coastal site; this is our passion. Procuring quality ingredients and developing recipes for both traditional and contemporary products is the fun we both share. Small batch, high quality, made and aged." Kent & Jean Moore

Taswegian Dry is a well balanced spirit; a smaller sibling of the Bold Gin; with those wonderful Juniper and Tasmanian botanical accent notes. Southarm Distillery have chosen twelve botanicals which make this Gin a very easy drinking and most enjoyable Gin with rich complex flavours and a subtle sweet finish.

700mL | 45.2% Alc/Vol | Product of Tasmania