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Starward Online Whisky Event

Destination Cellars will join forces with one of Australia's most awarded distilleries, Starward on Wednesday evening July 1st at 7.30pm. We will be cracking some great drams from their multi award winning range with Brand Ambassador Lee Potter Cavanagh

Proudly made in Melbourne, Starward began with a simple idea. Imagine a whisky unshackled from tradition. Focusing on flavour and provenance, borrowing from the past and combining it with the best Australia has to offer. Our climate, our ingredients and our people. This whisky will challenge your perceptions of what whisky can be.

This is another Distant Socializing Event, where we will send you out the sample bottles and then closer to the event date, an invitation to join the Zoom meeting. To participate all you will need is your computer or phone. Or you can enjoy the samples in the solitude and sanctity of your home at any time. 

For the first time in a couple of years we have a full range of Starward to offer you:

1. Two Fold An Australian double-grain whisky. For depth, we use malted barley, just like our Nova. For an aromatic, dry flavour, we use Australian wheat aged in lightly charred or steamed barrels, sourced from Australian wineries that make great shiraz, cabernets and pinot noirs - often filled fresh when the barrel is still wet with wine. We mature each whisky separately in Melbourne’s wildly varied climate, then deftly combine. Finishing as smooth as silk with spiced vanilla, tropical fruits and cereal characters rounded with red apples and berries.

Awards: 2019, World Whiskies Awards, Best Australian Blended Whisky, Gold medal winner at San Francisco World Spirits Awards 2020 

2. Nova A fruity, double distilled single malt made with Australian barley and craft brewers’ yeast for extra flavour. Lightly charred or steamed barrels sourced from Australian wineries making great shiraz, cabernets and pinot noirs. Often filled fresh when the barrel is still wet with wine. Matured in Melbourne’s wildly varied climate for three years. The finish has exceptional length thanks to the red wine barrels with bright aromatic notes of red berries, orchard fruits, vanilla, caramel and soft oak spice.

Awards: 2016, Best Craft Whisky in the World, 2016, Australian Distilled Spirits Awards, Gold, 2016, World Whiskies Awards, Category Winner: Best Australian Single Malt, 2017, World Whiskies Awards, Category Winner: Best Australian Single Malt, Gold medal winner at San Francisco World Spirits Awards 2020 

3. Solera A twice distilled single malt whisky. We ferment Australian malted barley with brewers' yeast for an extra flavourful craft finish. Solera is fully matured in carefully selected Apera casks, an Australian fortified wine that's similar to Sherry. The traditional way we blend Solera means there's a drop of our original cask in every bottle. The finish is rich and well balanced. Jammy fruits, creme brûlée and spice with a lingering dry finish.

Awards: 2016, World Whiskies Awards, Gold: Best Australian Single Malt, 2017, World Whiskies Awards, Gold: Best Australian Single Malt, 2017, Berlin International Spirits Awards, Australian Whisky of the Year, Gold Medal Winner at World Whiskies Awards 2019.

4. Tawny Cask Limited release and ludicrously delicious. A decadent drop for those meandering after dinner moments. A signature twice distilled single malt spirit. Made with Australian barley and brewers' yeast for extra flavour. Fully matured in Tawny fortified wine barrels. Smaller 100L octave size barrels gave this whisky an extra richness, like Christmas in a glass. Dried orange, fig and toasty oak on the nose. Sweet on the palate with dried fruit and nutmeg. A slow, balanced finish with a spicy dryness.

Awards: Double Gold medal winner at San Francisco World Spirits Awards 2020

5. Ginger Beer Cask #5 A limited release project whisky in collaboration with  Boatrocker Brewery. We borrowed their ginger beer barrels to age this single malt. The beer recipe is under lock and key, but we can say it’s loaded with fresh ginger, lemongrass and citrus peel. These barrels were home for our Solera for 30 months. Plenty of time to soak up that juicy flavour. This one’s fearless. It leads with strong, spicy ginger, though the spice is deftly balanced with sweetness. You’ll get notes of dark chocolate fig, pineapple and vanilla, with a lingering warmth to finish off.

Tickets are $50 per person for in-store purchase (or Click & Collect) or $57.95 including postage (calculated at check out). Your pack consists of five 15ml sample bottles & a tasting mat. 

Stock of the Starward range will be available for purchase to attendees on the night

Wednesday July 1st at 7.30pm the live feed (we will send the Zoom invitation a day before the event). We will have the session recorded so people can enjoy the drams when they are free to do so. Or you can tuck in to them as soon as you get them - it is up to you. 

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