TIB RD0028 Old Kempton 50% Oloroso Sherry Cask 500ml Five Year Anniversary Whisky

Destination Cellars

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Aged in a 100L 30 Year Old McWilliams Oloroso Sherry cask from spirit made at Redlands Estate (now Old Kempton). A single cask expression from The House of Duckett, that tasted so good at natural cask strength and at 50% abv we decided to release them both! The 50% version gave it a creamier, more approachable mouthfeel and texture.

Nose: Nectarine, chocolate eclairs, butterscotch, triple sec, pantry spice, warm honey and lemon, and sweet floral notes

Palate: Fruit cake, brown sugar, candied orange, panna cotta, and dark chocolate. 

Finish: Long, fruity and sweet  with a gentle spice

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$220.00 50% ABV, Tasmanian Single Malt Whisky, 500ml