Shene 'The Tasmanian Collection' Blended Whisky


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Extremely Rare and Collectable

In 2015, nine members of the Tasmanian Whisky Producers Association (Lark, Sullivans Cove, Overeem, Belgrove, McHenry, Redlands, Mackey, Iron House and Fanny’s Bay) each donated 20 litres of new-make spirit to be expertly blended at Tasmania Distillery. The resulting spirit was then used to fill 11 purpose built 20 litre casks coopered and donated by Adam Bone of Tasmania Cask Company.

A filled cask was then sent back to each distillery for maturation on site and the result from Shene's 20 litre cask is this exceptional, collectors’ limited-edition, single cask whisky which is a blend of the best matured new-make that Tasmania has to offer. Only 27 bottles were yielded from Cask 6 and then a secret ballad was held to determine the lucky 27 new owners.

A rare piece of Tasmanian distilling history that would be the cornerstone of any Australian whisky collection.

One of only 27 bottles produced.

700ml | 46% ABV Tasmania, Australia