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No Boundaries Lawrenny and Waubs Harbour Release Whisky Event 5/4/'24 at RYCT

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No Boundaries Blended Tasmanian Whisky Release #3 Event

A new limited release featuring whisky from Lawrenny Estate and Waubs Harbour 

You are invited to celebrate the release of the latest No Boundaries Tasmanian Whisky! Join the fine people from Lawrenny Estate and Waubs Harbour distilleries on Friday 5th of April at 7.30pm - we are going to celebrate in style with some killer new drams, in the beautiful seaside surrounds of the Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania.

We will be unveiling the third collaboration whisky blend from No Boundaries featuring Lawrenny and Waubs Harbour, and they will be bringing along a couple of drams each for us to try alongside it.

These are the whiskies that we will be ripping into:

  • No Boundaries Blended Malt Whisky Release #3 Lawrenny/Waubs Harbour Port Cask 50.4% ABV - Where the Ocean meets the River. The Third Release of No Boundaries Tasmanian Blended Malt Whisky featuring Lawrenny Estate and Waubs Harbour - a delicious double Port cask matured whisky - Think of a freshly baked salted caramel, apple & raisin scroll drizzled with a Mixed Berry Compote - a bounty of blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, and cherries) with a dusting of rich cacao.
  • Waubs Harbour Original 43% ABV - Part of their Flagship Series of single malt whiskies, 100% distilled and matured at Waubs Harbour Distillery, just metres from the ocean and covered in salty air. The Waubs Original was made using American Oak ex-Bourbon casks to highlight the Waubs maritime salted toffee characters but also has a layer of French Oak Port cask for a creamy raisin and butterscotch finish. It recently took home Category Winner for all Australia at the World Whisky Awards a month ago. A mouth-coating maritime single malt with a salted toffee character and creamy raisin and butterscotch finish.
  • Lawrenny Homestead *New Release - be the first to try this new release Single Malt Whisky, a blend or Port, Sherry and Bourbon casks. 
  • Waubs Harbour Stout Cask Limited Release Collaboration 58% ABV - A big, rich, chocolatey single malt whisky, matured in ex-Tawny French Oak casks, finished in American Oak ex-Stout cask from Bicheno Beer Co. The tawny from the cask brings soaked sultanas and a real buttery sweetness while the stout brings an opposing bitterness, balanced by the chocolate bite. Like Old Gold chocolate in a glass.
  • Lawrenny Destination Cellars 6th Birthday Release (from the archives) "Have your cake and drink it too" release. While the whisky was maturing away, Joe and Todd approached local Master Chocolatier Giovanni Zito to choose an 'Ebony' 100% chocolate that would be suitable to be melted down to coat the inside of whisky barrels. Upon reaching optimum maturation, the whisky was emptied from the two 20L barrels and blended. The now-emptied casks were then seasoned with a chocolate reduction made from Pedro Ximénez and Amontillado Sherry and the 'Ebony' chocolate. The casks were rinsed with whisky and the blend returned into the casks to finish in a warm room for one month where it had reached its desired tasting profile. The result is our Chocolate Cake Willy Wonka Whisky!

    The No Boundaries Whisky Release #3 Project

    "I approached Joe & Jensen and Rob, Bec & Tim last year about this project to see about creating something special with Lawrenny and Waubs Harbour. This project started in Winter 2023 when Joe brought a selection of samples to Waubs Harbour for Rob to try and then pair with to create a sumptuous blend from each distillery. The two Port cask samples were selected for their compatibility and flavour profiles. They were then decanted separately, and once they had aired were blended into a vat and patiently married together at Lawrenny Estate. The result is a big, flavoursome Port cask - the best of Lawrenny and Waubs Harbour in one drink - I can't wait to show you this whisky"

    Todd Morrison - No Boundaries Whisky

    From Lawrenny Estate Distillery:

    For this No Boundaries project there wasn't going to be any distillery I would be more excited about working with than Waub's Harbour. Rob and I have history together from our time back at Lark, both somewhat in a holding pattern as distillers without stills to man. What Rob, Tim and Bec have made at Waub's from both a product and a brand perspective is something to be admired, no compromise on either part.

    There are some parallels to be drawn between our two distilleries, family owned and operated, drawing much inspiration from our immediate surroundings and not sticking to tradition for the sake of it. But it's the differences in our location and our process that make this collaboration so exciting.

    After some trials Rob and I settled on an even split of our respective port cask barrels. We found that in each of these casks there were opposing characteristics that made a whole much more than the sum of its parts. The Waub's Port cask was buttery, like a freshly baked Danish. While the Lawrenny cask had lighter, fresh picked blackberry notes that complemented that bakery note so well. The blend sits right at the cusp of where each distillery has equal input. Any higher you'll see the salty sweet note of Waub's becoming more prominent and likewise any lower the Lawrenny cask would burst forward with berries fresh picked from the farm.

    Joe Dinsmoor | Head Distiller at Lawrenny Estate

    From Waubs Harbour Distillery:

    As Joe mentioned, I first met him when I was working at Overeem, and we started working together closely.  What I liked about Joe's style is his professional approach to distilling. He is methodical yet balanced in his craft. That’s what makes it so easy to work with Joe as I feel I have a similar approach to the game.  It's pretty easy for us to bounce off one another collectively and not worry about ego to deliver on something great. This led to us to seamlessly working together and forming the No Boundaries project release.  

    The casks selected:  Joe and I chose two amazing, complimentary casks, but what we haven’t mentioned are all the casks we left out.  That in itself is a story.  Simply put, we aren't hacks having a go, we both have a lot of bond store experience and can identify key features to whiskies quickly and also understand how two casks may affect one another positively and negatively.  I think the proof is in the pudding on this.  I know that Todd wouldn't have bet that we were thinking about two port casks!  Neither were we when we started looking.  In fact Joe brought up some excellent peated expression and virgin French oak cask amongst others to look at.  But it was obvious to us straight away what represented us the best examples for a great blended whisky.  

    Understanding that this brand encourages something from us both that’s exciting, yet hallmark, that was our aim.  Not just a slap together 50:50, a thoughtful balanced experienced approach to whisky making. Once we found the right Lawrenny cask it was all about that accompanying Waubs cask.  Again we didn’t think “tawny Port”, we trialled, we found bourbons, we found rich ports, soft ports, ALL the ports.  But it worked out that there was one cask type that worked.  I think but has a lot to do with complementary mouthfeel, but also it needed to balance the fruit, not overpower it.  Joe is correct in his description of the 50;50 ratio where one way to the other overshadows the other.  I love the natural ratio because I think it represents the respect that both of the distilleries have for each other, as much as in the whisky as well as in real life.

    The DNA of both distilleries: Joe's spirit at Lawrenny is different to ours at Waubs, structurally, and flavour wise.  The barrels were treated differently too.  We are using our our experience to overlay the way we approach our normal day to day operations.  The best part is how that actually comes across in the final spirit.  I think that Joe's whiskies often have a heightened bouquet, and the spirit we looked at had an amazing profile of mixed berries, and know that it's not just the cask influence.  We can get similar casks at Waubs but we don't get that level of elegance around those mixed berries. This is attributed to Joe's techniques.  Waubs is different again, aiming more at the classic “Tassie hallmark” of raisins, but focusing our new make spirit (NMS) and barrel choices to favour some coastal brininess with those wood sugars - brown sugars that develop into that salted caramel profile.  You have to look closely at the NMS recipe, cask choice and maturation to understand it.  Both of us work hard to replicate the sense of province as distillers, that’s for sure The combination of both of our whiskies is an exemplary masterclass of how blending should be done.

    Rob Polmear | Head Distiller/Co-Owner at Waubs Harbour Distillery

    Where: The Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania, Sandy Bay 

    When: Friday evening April 5th at 7.30pm

    Tickets are $60 each and must be booked in advance.*

    Your ticket includes all drams, finger food and good times.

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